Inaccurate Darwinist claims about ID

Darwinists misrepresent intelligent design theory, by falsely claiming that it necessarily requires a supernatural intelligence, or is necessarily creationism, or is incompatible with descent of new species from older ones over many millions of years. In fact, intelligent design theory in biology simply provides evidence that some intelligence or intelligences participated in the origin of all species by designing at least some of their features. The nature of the intelligence(s) involved can't be determined by intelligent design theory. Scientists who work on intelligent design theory often have their own personal opinions about what the intelligence may be, but such opinions are of a personal nature and are not required by the theory itself. And quite a few intelligent design scientists are not creationists, but believe that design of some or many features of life took place during a long process of evolutionary descent. There is no way to determine, scientifically, whether the intelligence arose naturally or is supernatural: so both views are possible. The fact that intelligent design theory is compatible with evolutionary descent, but also compatible with creationism, troubles some dogmatists who are rigidly attached to old doctrines, and evidently causes them to attempt to misrepresent ID theory as necessarily creationism.