Darwinist theory of the origin of species??

A biologist, of much repute,
Declared "I'll fully refute
All heresy, and show
Quite well how species transmute.

"It happened like this: in a bird
Or a beast, mutations occurred
By chance, and through these,
In gradual degrees,
Arose a Darwinist nerd:

"For, in a process of slaughter,
Selection has simply 'gotter'
Prefer any geek,
Or Darwinist freak,
Who's a fully scatterbrained rotter."

Darwinism is the notion that all living things were produced by chance plus natural selection: in other words, by mere competitive struggle and slaughter, combined with chance. All living things have been struggling with each other for survival for billions of years, and this "war of nature," as Darwin termed it, supposedly gave rise to enough "natural selection" to create all of the complex and highly developed features which we see in living things today: since only the more efficient life-forms were able to persist and to propagate their line in this vast "war." New genes arose from time to time by chance, and those genes which happened to favor survival and reproduction were preserved, along with the livings things which possessed them, while the less efficient life-forms were destroyed. Thus Darwinists daydream that a mindless and mechanical process of mere war, death, and massacre was somehow powerful enough to gradually give rise to all of the remarkable features that we see in living things today.

It has always been obvious that there is a great deal of competition and slaughter in nature. But Darwinism is an extreme, dogmatic, actually fanatical notion which claims that war, death and slaughter must have been the process that somehow managed to produce all higher living things as they exist today. We ought to ask whether any good evidence exists to support this old Darwinist dogma or daydream; and it turns out that no such evidence really exists. On the contrary, there is a great deal of evidence that certain kinds of complexity in living things, rule out the old idea that mere chance plus slaughter could have given rise to them.